Custom Learning Asset Development

Our team has great deal of experience in designing and developing instructionally solid and visually eye-catching eLearning, motion graphics, explainer videos, microlearning and infographics. We team up with you to identify the best mix of advantages to train and bolster your workforce to attain overall performance objectives.

Digital learning assets

eLearning Our software programmers and graphic designers develop intuitive, outwardly exciting courses that take learning outside of the conventional classroom.


Our solutions are evolved using Articulate Rise, Inkling, and Elucidat, with an intention to engage learner's with training on small learning units tweaked to the enterprise and audience.


Profoundly intuitive and visual, flipbooks are mobile friendly, simple to explore content format that is additionally cost-effective option to PDFs

Motion graphics

Qcentrio Learning constructs convincing motion graphics with proficient voiceover on any theme. These recordings not only capture learner's attention and consideration during eLearning courses but also promote company events and kick off alternate control initiatives.

Instructor led training materials

We create connecting with instructor drove materials which can incorporate instructor and student guides, labs, group work outs, assessments & evaluations and task aids to meet your particular prerequisites and bolster the requirements of your learner's. Courseware is created for either conventional or virtual classroom conveyance, using the platform of your choice. From analysing content and structuring instructional procedures and content flow, we build up all the material you have to catch the attention of your learner's and augment learning and retention.

Learning Portals

We're capable to furnish you with a secure location to keep all your learning records - assisting with expanding commitment and efficiency. Our services incorporate information architecture and design consultation to create the best user experience that is simple to navigate and loaded up with custom solutions for your team