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Digital Transformation

Choosing the right Digital Transformation Partner

The field of digital transformation is an extremely crowded one. You have probably read about business strategy and digital transformation roadmaps from more experts than you care to remember. Is there a quick and easy way to match business strategy to the right digital transformation partner?

Yes there is. But before we do that, it is important to understand what businesses really want.

They want to:

  • Build revenue streams - increase the top line
  • Reduce costs- increase bottom line
  • Be compliant with all relevant governance, risk and compliance regimes
  • In addition to these, companies also desire two other things:
  • Innovation- either create new products and services or if competitors have done so, then copy fast
  • Making their customers happy

For most companies, the last two will not be at the cost of the first three. Rather, creating innovative products and services can lead to happy customers, whose experience is enhanced or improved by the new offerings that differentiate the business from its competitors.

Enterprise Digital transformation

So what does enterprise digital transformation have to do with what companies really want in terms of selecting the right digital transformation framework?

If we understand the things that drive the actions and operations of a company at a fundamental level, then it is also clear that the new digital business paradigm has meant that there are clear winners, which are the born digital companies. Other than these clear winners, there are other companies, which were not born digital natives, but have successfully implemented a digital transformation roadmap and have established clear leadership and market shares in their respective industries and domains.

For the rest of the companies, there is no option but to quickly catch up.

Strategic Partnership

Getting to know you.

At the beginning, your staffing partner should spend some time with your organization, management team, and current employees to learn as much as possible about the industry and company culture. This is essential for establishing the right staffing solutions for your company regardless of the need itself.

Immediate need and long term solutions.

Your staffing partner has experience in both temporary placements to cover immediate needs in the event someone is unable to work and long term or permanent placement. For unforeseen leaves of absences, your recruiter can work quickly to place a qualified employee onsite to help keep things moving. If there are long term needs, such as direct or temp to hire situations, your recruiter will be able to source and identify candidates for your company. They can remain part of the management process to ensure the success of each employee.

Strategic planning.

While you focus on the strategic growth of your business, your staffing provider can work with you to understand how hiring can fit into your plan. This allows you to focus on the aspects of your business for which you excel. Trust recruiters as professionals with extensive experience in staffing to concentrate on the human capital aspects of your organization.

Special projects and new ideas.

There may be projects you are interested in trying out but lack the data to support their long term viability. A recruiting partner can help you. It is easier to make a short term investment in temporary employees to test out the theories than make permanent hiring decisions. The short term workers understand the nature of the assignment and you will be able to gauge the effectiveness of the program before making a long term commitment.

How do you catch up?

You could engage a big, prestigious consulting company to charge you a lot of money and tell you what you already know. They will draw up a big, complex digital transformation framework that may or may not be relevant or customized to your business. The other option is to select companies that are actually able to implement your digital transformation roadmap for you.

So how does a successful digital transformation partner look like?
  • They have a clear idea about what it means to do digital transformation
  • consulting, for your specific industry
  • They will have demonstrable successes in working with a number of customers within those specific industries
  • They are not just Powerpoint warriors. In other words, they have software IP, which they can bring to deploy and orchestrate, to accelerate your digital transformation roadmap and reduce the risks of the implementation and accelerate or compress the timelines to the end-state


We will help you to ensure proper of your practice with the requirements of the community that you serve.