Infrastructure And Network Solutions

Qcentrio has wide range experience in the areas of physical infrastructure: which starts with providing the solution to the design, then the selection of equipment, and to structure the cabling deployments, managing the project and Day 2 to support. Currently most of the today’s corporate data centers using the yesterday’s technology we have recognized as one of them. Qcentrio can Guide you with redesign of date centers, from the physicalspace, to provide a reliable power and cooling to improving the performance, management and architecture.

PMO & Business Analysis

Infrastructure is the foundation of basic technology of every organization. Qcentrio make sure of your information highway is running at top speeds.

Data Science & Analytics

Communications is the key success to any organization is communication which ranges from text, video and voice. The Basic requirement is communication. Qcentrio provides a solution to meet your requirements.

AI and machine learning

Today Attackers are more extensive, persistent, and proficient than ever at avoiding and interrupting the traditional security infrastructure. Qcentrio has the experience to secure access to your evolving network and give awareness of everything hitting your network, and receive alerts to violations of policy in real time.

IT Security and Risk

By incorrect cabling plant we can negate most complex network equipment Qcentrio has capability to operate in many different capacities which includes designer, installer, consultant, and servicing partner.

Digital and Creative

Many of the enterprises are now combining the data centers and reducing data center footprints which leads to be extremely difficult and disruptive process requiring the design and planning services that Qcentrio offers to help diminish the potential pitfalls.

Qcentrio has the experience to review when it comes any data center change that nothing is eliminating the unexpected.

Enterprise Platforms

Data centers have strict environmental and physical requirements. Often they are overlooked and assumed to be sufficient. Qcentrio has the experience to validate and recommend new physical power solutions at a cost effective price point. Qcentrio will guide with any and all areas and aspects of the data center, make sure that the data center is capable of holding your enterprise updated requirements which runs efficiently and cost effectively.

System, Telecom and Support

There are some BAS Systems that performs similar functionalities. The difference is in how the system is designed and deployed. We can "fix the low bid".

  • The services that Integrate your diverse systems into a unified architecture for simplified management.
  • Replace legacy DDC controls with controllers of open protocols.
  • We pick the best products in the market that based on the project

Planning of Strategy Roadmaps

Lacking in efficiency, Our skilled professionals can assess the current status of your building systems and plan for the future.

  • Provide a path to modernization and reviews existing Building Systems
  • Make sure your connected systems are not at risk of cyber assessment.
  • Assess your current challenges with your facility and provide what solutions are available
  • Mobile and Web User Interface.
  • Build command center design.