Instructor Led Training

Qcentrio Solutions (QS) has over vast experience in delivering instructor-led training for organizations of all different sizes and patterns across all industries. Over the particular course of time, QS has evaluated a database of the best professional and technical development instructors in the industry. This allows QS to provide a wide variety of courses with specific industry experience our clients require. Some of our more popular deliveries include Agile, Cloud Security,Devops, Machine Learning, Programming Languages, Big Data, as well as Leadership, in Project Management, Sales, and Communication Skills.

Information Technology

Our nexus of much vaunted, pre-eminent certified professional trainers with potential expertise to deliver onsite, offsite, or virtual training classroom are here to meet your precise business and learner requirements. No matter what you need from us, develope systems engineers, software developers, database administrators, or end users we will design a training strategy that upsurge your productivity, reduces costs and simplifies workflow.

Professional development

We put stock in making business points of interest through individuals. There are many demanding situations in preserving optimisation inside an organization. Regardless of whether these challenges are hooked to steady loss, maintenance, progression arranging, succession planning, vital workforce arranging, or onboarding, we comprehend and offer venture wide Professional Development solutions to support your talent management, expertise control and hierarchical organizational improvement initiatives.

Instructor Led Training Options

Qcentrio Learning has faith in giving intuitive, engaging, manageable solutions, and hands-on training events. Accordingly, we take the time and collaborate with our customers to comprehend their business prerequisites and preferred overall performance results. This partnership lets us to make a custom arrangement in particular to the requirements of the learner's, offering content that is applicable and contextual to the learner's workplace. This value-delivered method promotes the switch of compentencies to the place of work and eventually increase our clients return on investment. ILT solutions can be provided with ease to onsite, through our virtual training classrooms (VTC), or a coalesced solution.

Technology Modernization

It’s difficult to computerize the businesses for lot companies today in order to stay competitive. Modernization of Technology can mean implementing the new processes, upgrading devise systems and lot many regarding new enhancements. Team works plays a major role in the organizations to make sure that they are positioned to reach the modernization goals without bleaching the business operations. Our services include:

  • Justification of in-flight efforts, digital roadmap and technology plan.
  • Developing new technology solutions to enhance the modern processes
  • Workforce Modification and change management
  • Managing theTechnology and sun-setting planning.

Enterprise Architecture

We collobarately work with you to implement a unified IT platform through your business segments which makes your efforts less expensive Where you become more responsive.
SOA results and benefacation of modernization

  • Integration of different internal and external APIs.
  • Information architecture.
  • Mapping the requirements of business functionality and technology results.

Web Application Development

Qcentrio of development professionals has vast knowledge and experience in working with any development stack.
We work together with your corporation to provide end-to-end business enterprise application development services. The solutions we are going to provide are the following:

  • We will develop the patterns and multi-channel application designs.
  • We will develop Hybrid and native mobile application development patterns.
  • We will pre built patterns, and practices based on standards of industry.