Learning Services

We companion our client with patron to layout solution-oriented programs based on their requirements. We work to create mixed learning programs.

This synergistic procedure entails learning experts from Qcentrio working with the client to show up at the prescribed methodology and to figure content.

Development Process

We emphatically accept that understanding the client is the way to providing on-line solutions following the principle of Engage, Evolve, Execute.

Types of programs

Qcentrio provides various strongly built programs in segments of half/full days, 2-3 days workshops, or training programs spanning 3-6 months. These program designs lead to collaboration, commitment, and overall success of the curriculum:

Behavioural Learning (Rapid)

This aids in improving the morale of the workforce. It additionally addresses leadership skills and other behavioural aspects that effective workers and managers need to illustrate.

Online/ micro learning modules

Delivering understanding in significant chunk sizes which help learners to manage challenges resulting from dwindling attention spans, give fortification after in-depth trainings, hold commitment with content (and service provider).

Motivation Lectures

Motivation is essential in learning. It coordinates conduct toward objectives and bigger learning programs. Motivated personnel result in expanded productiveness and allow an association to accomplish more elevated levels of yield.

Blended mentorship program

Development centered program where the framework is made for experts to construct three-route association with stakeholder, functional expert, and their own manager. While being capable in every single area, the expert gets the opportunity to concentrate on a particular region and track improvement.

Behavioural Learning (Deep)

In addition to enhancing morale of the work force, behavioural learning also develops leadership skills, reliability, motivation, time management, and other behavioural perspectives. These are all provided in intensity with the useful resource of exercises and case studies.

Executive coach program

It is an professional connection with a client (individual or gathering) with the objective to upgrade the client's self-awareness, clarify objectives, accomplish their development goals, unlock their latent capacity, or act as a sounding board. We help the customer to grasp their potential for development and improvement.